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Creating a Successful Website Brand and Web Presence | MarksPost WordPress blog

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Almost everyone on the internet today has a Facebook, Twitter or some other form of internet social networking web presence.  However there can be a down side to sharing information with others.

Few realize that we are creating a presence that will likely be around long after we are gone. Carefully managing our personal information is important and how we brand ourselves is becoming an increasingly important component for both personal and professional success.

Being on a social networking site is like renting a home or apartment there is no long term ownership involved.

Creating a personal web brand, presence, or establishing an online celebrity with a personal website allows us full control over how we present ourselves to others and creates web authority that we own and can use how we like.

How to Do a Website?


“How to do a website” is a Google category search used for 4,090,000 monthly global searches, 550,000 of which are originated in the united states. Therefore there is a lot of interest in creating websites.

This blog site covers many of the technical aspects involved in creating  websites and building a website brand and web presence.   The following is a list of blog posts that can assist with the practical side of  website ownership.

WordPress Themes | Practical Website Design

WordPress Transfer and GoDaddy Hosting Review

How to Start Building a Product Landing Page Website

What ever niche or theme you decide upon all successful websites have a web presence and website brand.


How to Create a Successful Web Presence?


Building a website brand is all about taking control of your own brand and internet real-estate that will increase in value over time as content is added.

Now is the time to grab the good real-state while it’s still fairly cheap with a .com global domain name that will also become more valuable.

When choosing a hosting plan it’s a good idea to think about the longer term requirements. Hosting plans should be reliable and have fast page refresh rates.

This site uses the WordPress publishing platform which is very popular for smaller site owners and can be downloaded for free from the WordPress.org website. There are a wide verity of free easily available WordPress website themes to choose from.

The advantage of WordPress is that it’s user friendly with many free or inexpensive website customizing plug in options available.  WordPress uses an SQL  database for managing content, comments and user log ins.

There are some good free themes however it’s worth paying a few dollars for a theme that has a quality look and superior features that set it apart from the others.  In many cases these themes include features that make it easier to add content.

This site is one of 64 elegant Theme membership themes that costs a few dollars per year to access. Check out this sites products page for sample sites.  This is a much more powerful feature rich user friendly site than any that I have found with free sites listed on the web.


Creating Web Ranking and Website Authority:


Having high ranking and website authority does not guarantee large numbers of high quality website visitors.

Providing high quality solutions and answers for things that people are searching the web for will bring interested motivated visitors to your site.

Web page quality content is key for obtaining high rankings along with good internal and external search engine optimization and careful site submissions.  

It’s also true that zero page ranked web pages can be indexed higher on page one than other higher ranked pages  in some search engine keyword categories.  This because Google ranks fresh content highly and  because the on page SEO optimization is better than the other competing pages.

Gaining top rankings in similar smaller category niches enhances a websites authority more quickly and improves its ability to rank higher in the more competitive categories.

Google is not the only free provider of high quality visitors and there are a lot of different ways to get significant  amounts of high quality traffic.

For example a large portion of visitors coming to this website use its RSS feeds, blogging links and social network sites.
Building a Successful Website Brand and Web Presence 



Owning a website gives us control of our brand and ownership of our own internet real-estate.

Some initial upfront investment is necessary in time and effort plus investing in a high quality theme, hosting and some outsourced design.

It need not be expensive.  The biggest hurdle to success is acquiring the knowledge to succeed.  There are some who make seven figure online marketing incomes working from home.

Its a business that takes time to learn. Changes by Google and Microsoft’s Bing have made it very much more difficult to make money using PPC advertising.

This is a business that if done correctly having gained the right knowledge and with a little investment can provide a good secure monthly income.

There are only a few fundamental things that work. There are no magic buttons that work and internet marketing is a formula where the simplest things work the best.

Most people fail because they get sucked into putting their time, effort and resources into the wrong areas.

Try my free road map overview for selecting a marketing  niche, domain name, hosting and blogging themes, Then how to build a blog site that gets high rankings and high quality visitor traffic.  Also gain valuable information on advertising and list building options.

All this is free information similar to what is currently being sold in other online training packages.

Enter your name and email address and a course overview of the 7 part free mini-course will be sent to you.
Best wishes and good luck with your online projects, 


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