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Mark’s Website Hosting

Deciding on the best website hosting plan can be very confusing and depends on a number of factors. Allow us to advise you on a plan that closely fists your individual needs.

There are many hosting plans available with lots of features and different price ranges to choose from.  It pays to have an expert guide you through the selection process to find the best option for your needs. While some hosting plans may look more expensive than others they often include valuable tools and features that can cost more to acquire outside a hosting plan.

Clients who sign up for our services will have one of the following hosting company plans included in within their monthly plan.



ixwebhosting is one of the top North American web hosting companies.

They provide an excellent array of hosting service options with industry leading reliability and scalability.

This hosting company would be one of the preferred choices for webmaster professionals.

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 GoDaddy Domains:

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