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CB Surge – Free Clickbank Affiliate Analytics Tool

CB Surge – Free Clickbank Affiliate Analytics Tool

Discover how to quickly find the best affiliate products when you have the CB Surge Firefox Clickbank Marketplace analytic add-on tool.

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time researching the best clickbank affiliate products because Clickbank doesn’t give much analytic insight into how to well products sell.

Gravity only provides an indication that a product is popular with affiliates who have made at least one sale over the past few weeks. What is missing is a tool that makes it easy to find and track the essential information affiliates are looking for.

Clickbank Analytics made Simple:


A lot of knowledge goes into successfully marketing an affiliate product. Only the most experienced are successful marketing high gravity products.

Some say product gravities between 16 and 150 are the best for less experienced affiliates. However new potentially highly successful products start out with lower gravities and less successful products may have declining gravities.

Clickbank provides help center affiliate resources like , and other stuff that quite frankly often lead to information overload.

In addition, not all products have good affiliate resources which include high quality converting keywords, swipes, banners and videos.

Finding the money keyword words, access to marketing resources and to sales statistics is critical for successful sales conversions.

Money keywords are keywords which generate significant motivated buyer traffic for the product or services that you are marketing. The quickest way to check this is to do a Google search for the “keyword” and look for the amount of ads being displayed. Also the types of sites listed and the competition for your product niche

If there are no ads and no competition for your niche then its unlikely that there active buyers or significant traffic associated with the keyword.

Use the Google analytic tool to find the local traffic for the exact keyword term. Also another useful free tool is the Site Metrics SEO for Firefox add-on.

Also another useful free tool is the Site Metrics SEO for Firefox add-on. Use this tool for checking out the page one competing sites keywords and link numbers.

The CB Surge analytics tool provides help in filling the gaps and automating the process of finding and analysing the potentially successful Clickbank products.

What is CB Surge and Why Does it Work?


The CB Surge Clickbank Marketplace add-on provides on page daily product marketing information and historical analysis data. Top gravity, top movers, top shakers and marketable/not marketable information.

Clickbank Analytics made Simple with CB Surge

The marketable not marketable information is useful for less experienced affiliates because it identifies opportunities to market slightly less competitive products. These are easily identified with the green highlight products in the category page listings. Some of these products are also listed in daily top gravity, mover and shakers daily listings.

Clickbank Analytics made Simple with CB SurgeTop 10 Products by Gravity


Clickbank Analytics made Simple with CB Surge Top Movers


Clickbank Analytics made Simple with CB Surge Top Shakers


As you can see in the example below CB Surge expands the information area under the existing product titles to reveal information that would otherwise have to be researched on other website pages.

Google Analytics can be opened by clicking the blue button and the manual check button next to it  opens a popup window displaying information about the currently ranked keyword.  The top right button opens up a popup window with site analytics external backlinks and domain information.

From the graph you can see how well product sales are performing over weekly, monthly, yearly periods with rank and sales performance metrics.

CB Surge also provides the Alexa ranking and indicates if marketing opt-in form, exit popup, videos are available.

CB Surge


A free version of CB Surge can be downloaded using the following link:

The link takes you to the CB Surge home page which includes an instructional video and where you register for the free download.

Registration is necessary because this tool accesses a restricted application server which provides the Clickbank analysis information as shown above.  Once registered you click on the download link, the add-on tool will then be downloaded into your Firefox add-on extensions list.  Your registered user and password should then be added into the “options” pop-up window.

For full disclosure purposes I paid for and own the upgraded CB Surge tool and will receive a payment if the full version of this product is purchase using my link. A payment went to someone who made me aware of CB Surge when I purchased it. When you think about everything we buy includes marketing costs, who do you think pays for all the adverts we see?

CB Surge Facts


There is no single button solution for success, only a number of smaller buttons in a process that has to be understood as part of a proven marketing recipe for success. CB Surge is one of these small buttons in the key area of affiliate product marketing analysis.

The free version of CB Surge comes with most of the features that you see in this blog. However the analytics history is limited with the free version and that is understandable.

Understand that for this tool uses a fairly complex algorithm and 24/7/365 computing resources. For this reason I had no hesitation in paying a small fee for the advanced version of CB Surge and locking in lifetime access and have added it to my products list.

As an upgraded insider you also get valuable insider resources which include exclusive keyword research and landing page domination videos, valuable information not found elsewhere plus more that you will find out about on the inside.

See you on the inside.

Best wishes,


PS. You won’t want to miss out on the landing page domination video. It blew me away and is worth the cost of upgraded CB Surge version. Click on the link to see for yourself.

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