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About Me

Welcome to my website.

I am a high tech professional with a background working in research and on new product development in North America and the UK.

I have worked for, or partnered with many leading fortune 500 companies, also have experience with smaller start-ups and with running my own businesses.

There is a well known saying “If you build it they will come” and that used to be the philosophy.  The advent of the internet however has changed the way people live and view things.

Gone are the days when people used to go to their local retail store where they could rely on the staff to help them find what they were looking for. They are now replaced with box stores that all seem to provide the same limited choices and that are filled affiliate staff on minimum wage.

Change has happened so rapidly that many people and businesses have been left behind. Young people today readily adapt to the new online reality and acceptance of technology at face value.

What most people see and understand about technology and the internet is only a very  “small tip” of the “iceberg”.

People today more than ever before have to rely on information from others to determine how they assess the things that surround them and that affect their daily their lives.

The information age has not brought with it a guarantee of quality and ethical values. More and more people today are seeking new personal relationships to validate their perceptions and values.

There is a new massive grass roots social and economic change occurring through online social media forums.

A lifetime of learning :

I started my professional life as a hardware designer working on military projects and on medical linear accelerator systems before starting my own design company.

In the early 1990’s I was working in Canada and my company had me providing technical support partnered with IBM marketing staff managing  a worldwide client base connected via the first corporate version of the internet.  I was a systems administrator super user working on some of the largest UNIX networks in the world.

I remember that my UNIX workstation cost $30,000US and was supplied by IBM.

The last decade of my corporate life was spent working on VoIP products developing new system platforms, managing product performance and quality.  On the technical side working on local area networks, telecommunication protocols, Linux, Windows client server systems developing software tools, frameworks and functions for many vertical markets.

Looking back I was always learning and developing new skills in parallel to fulfilling my other professional obligations.

Like many senior people I had to combine management tasks with providing technical leadership.  Many of those working days were spent managing project developments, doing administrative tasks and building B2B/C relationships.  Much of the technical work had then to be completed outside normal working hours.

Over the past 15 years much of my creative work has been accomplished with my own computer systems and resources. What I once spent in millions of corporate dollars for hardware, software infrastructure and tools that I can now recreate for less than $10,000.

That said there are always some exceptions to this rule and Adobe Creative Suite is an example where an investment has to be made for high end graphics and creative web design projects.

The internet now offers unprecedented opportunities for us to use our skills in an environment where we can easily find the resources we are looking for.


Today :

Today we live in a “want” based society driven by the media and market advertising.  What we want is found on the internet, on our cell phones or TV.

Like many others I now combine my lifestyle preferences, hobbies and skills into new rewarding business relationship opportunities.

I have created a personal internet footprint through twitter, facebook, YouTube blogging forums, my personal and websites.

Today I am able to connect with others around the world and put my skills to good use helping others, also to continue learning and working with others leveraging the power of the internet.

Please read my blogs; send in your comments and subscribe to my free updates.  You can read about business activities in this websites  Services and Product pages. If you like the look of this website check out my website Product Website Theme Page for some of the different business category sites.

The following is video taken on a visit to the Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen National garden on April 4th 2014. It’s captured with my new XDCAM PMW-200 camera.


Video courtesy of Crystal Renewable Power Corp.

Best wishes,