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Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Now you can easily speed up your computer for free without taking it to a store, or paying for a “max my speed” product.

A quick way to speed up your Vista or Windows 7 computer is by enabling Microsoft’s ReadyBoost feature using a flash memory card or USB drive. This will make additional cash memory available and will make your computer run faster.

It’s also very simple to do, click on this link for details.

How to enable Microsoft ReadyBoost

Tip: If ReadyBoost seems to not work with a flash memory stick consider doing a flash memory stick format. This has been proven to work where the properties ReadyBoost could not be previously enabled.

How to Speed Up Your Computer

How to Make a Computer Faster:


The quickest way to do this is to remove spyware, to uninstall installed programs that you no longer use and to run a disk clean-up program.

Removing Programs:


Windows 7 programs can be uninstalled or changed using the Start Menu Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Program and Features Form Options.

Software programs installed on your computer are included in its Startup. The more programs installed the more background processes are running background Startup processes using the computers available memory. Uninstalling programs that you no longer need will free up memory and improve the computers performance.

To check what programs are running at Startup open the System Configuration form from the Control Panel Administrative Tools Options list.

Using a Defragmenter to Clean PC Disk Space:


The disk defragmenter program only needs to be run when free disk space is becoming low. Data is written to the disk in fragments, the defragmenter combines this into larger blocks making larger free areas on the disk available for new data storage.

Data is more quickly written to the disk when there are free areas that can be quickly and easily accessed. When free memory becomes low then information normally stored in memory gets stored on the disk. This is slower process than storing information in the computer’s memory.

Available disk space can be checked by right clicking on the (Start Menu) Computer (C:) disk tree item and selecting Properties.

To run the Disk Defragmenter Open the Start Menu and double click to expand All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click on the Disk Defragmenter.

Running Antivirus and Registry Cleaners:


Many internet service providers include antivirus protection and mail services scan incoming mail for infected attachments

However, it’s impossible to browse the web without picking up unwanted cookies and becoming unknowingly susceptible to the infiltration of Trojans and Malware.
Antivirus tools provide added protection. My preference is not to have them running in the background all the time because this will slow down all the computer processes and can be irritating.

I use two free tools that can be downloaded from

Spybot Search and Destroy 2.0:


The down load link is as follows:

There are other trail version programs that look similar and that are not free. Don’t make the mistake of downloading them because you will end up paying a subscription that you don’t want or need.

Follow the install and update process and make a point of running this every couple of weeks. It’s free and if you run the update option before your scan it will update Spybot with the latest Malware, Trojans checking software.

CCleaner 3.19:

The down load link is as follows:

This is a free version which can be downloaded using the link provided. I find it more convenient for cookie cleanup and uninstalling unwanted programs than Microsoft utility tools. It also includes a registry cleaner with backup option.

How To Speed Up Your Computer Summary:

It’s now easier than ever to protect your computer and maintain its processing speeds using free antivirus and cleanup software.

A computer can provide reliable daily use for eight to ten years with preventive maintenance that includes regular scans, removal of unwanted software, downloaded files and by keeping the computer case free of dust.

Never allow others access to your computer. Pop-up virus warnings and calls from so called Microsoft antivirus protection services are all scams.

Be discriminating about the software that you download and email attachments forwarded by friends. Beta software should also be avoided.

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