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Understanding SEO | MarksPost WordPress blog

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We have all seen these online get rich quick sales pitches about how easy it is to get a website up and running and making big money in a week or so.

In reality it’s these sites that are the one’s making money selling dreams to people who have a limited understanding about building websites or online marketing.

I was reading a question in Yahoo answers yesterday from a professional web designer asking if they being taken advantage of by an SEO expert wanting to charge a $1,000 for their services?

There is a general lack of understanding of about website SEO.

Understanding What SEO is:


Search engine optimization is about configuring web pages to make them attractive within a defined web search category to search engines.

  • If the web page content is poor and there is little interest in the category the best optimization will not result in a high ranking and visitor traffic.
  • Not all search engine web search categories attract visitor traffic.
  • In many cases only the top three ranked web pages get any significant search traffic.
  • Many of the high traffic web page search categories are dominated by established high authority websites.

The good news is that there are still opportunities if you know where to look. Also there a many websites that are not properly search engine optimized allowing for them to be fairly easily out ranked by SEO web pages.


Understanding Internal SEO, External SEO and Demographics:

Internal SEO:

Is all about understanding the category and supporting keywords that your web page uses within the demographic of the area you want to focus your website on.

The demographic is about understanding your market what interest there is, who is interested and what appeals to them in that particular market.

The category keyword is the most important component of SEO.  It determines the market opportunity and level search related traffic that’s possible to capture.

Tags or supporting keywords are used to provide supporting information to search engines as to quality and quantity of the web page content. The way these keywords are presented to the search engines also materially affects the page ranking.

For WordPress sites the plugins and features that are going to help you have the best optimization are:

SEOPressor which will ensure your Category and supporting keywords are optimally placed and displayed to capture the best ranking with the available content.

FV All in One SEO Pack manages the appropriate placement of home page title description and keywords where a page is being for the website home page.

Under WordPress Posts, Category and tag information has to be added and enabled in the edit area for the post

I use the http://www.creatingonline.com/site_promotion/website_checker.htm readiness analyzer to check that my web pages are optimally optimized.

I use http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ to generate a Google sitemap.xml file which is d placed into the website public_html folder. Open a Google webmaster account and add the new site into the dashboard. This makes the web pages, category and keyword tags more easily accessible by the Google search engine.



External SEO:

Is an area most exploited by those who put themselves forward as being successful at online marketing.

Backlinks do add to value to your sites authority and authority helps to establish and maintain high rankings. However, high rankings can be achieved with a minimum number of backlinks.

I use Google url shortener which provides high authority links from Google.

Public blogs, facebook, Twitter, Stumble and many other options can be used to generate backlinks establish authority and generate visitor traffic.

Quality trumps quantity for backlinks which need to be in context with the web page content.

A killer video is going to enhance your website visitor traffic. It needs to be your video content created conforming to the focus and category of your site.  A video will enhance your ranking over other sites with similar rankings.




It’s important to understand the demographics of your market category and main keyword. These could have a seasonal appeal or limited shelf life which will affect the ranking and traffic going to your web page.


There are many reasons for having a website. If it’s for marketing online products then understanding your market and the business of marketing are key factors in becoming successful.

Finding an attractive under serviced niche market is a better bet than trying to compete in a competitive market.

Internal SEO optimization is a prerequisite for the search engines to be able to correctly assess the content quality of a web page. The appropriate amount of external SEO will enhance the web page authority helping it to achieve and maintain a high web page search ranking.

High rankings don’t guarantee many website visitors. This depends on the attractiveness and interest in the category keyword.

I hope you can see that a high level of internal SE optimization can be achieved at little cost and with the application of some easily applied knowledge.

External SEO is a area that can cost a lot in terms of time, effort and investment in specialist tools.  You may quickly be successful by creating a killer video, more likely it will take a long time to grow this area of your business.

Building a client base through focused social media advertising is likely the most efficient and quickest way to build your business client list.

If you have a need to have a better understanding of your category keyword search engine attractiveness in terms of the amount of daily search engine traffic it attracts. Sign up to my blog subscribers list, send me an email with the keyword and I will send you details about its past months daily traffic for the top ranked web pages.

Update:  View this SEOMoz.org SEO for Start-ups pdf presentation found in scribd.com for additional clarity on this topic.


Best wishes,



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