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Mark’s Web Page Links, A Three Dimensional View | MarksPost WordPress blog

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If you’re like most people you spare little time thinking about webpage links other than the fact that there are a few crazy people who spend their time promoting ways to generate thousands of website backlinks.

I am among the majority of people who have only considered page links to be a simple device for connecting to webpage information with the click of the mouse. Just a simple component hardly worth a second thought, not the stuff of an informative blog.

If you are a follower of my blogs you will already know that I don’t attribute value to back links for achieving high SE rankings and it is still my view that high rankings can be achieved without lots of backlinks.

However, without links your webpage content simply doesn’t exist as far as other World Wide Web users are concerned.  Think of your links as what suspends your webpage’s in a specific location within the three dimensional information web.

One of the frustrating things about the web is that there are winners and losers and that your content could be positioned in a high traffic area and still be missing out on valuable visitor traffic.

Add to this mix that you may not realize that your web pages can include valuable links that are not recognized by search engines and website ranking services.

The emphasis should be on adding high quality links that bring authority and high quality traffic to your website.

Good Webpage Link Habits:


When adding links to your webpage content always add “no follow” and open in new window options into the link code.

Ex:  rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”

Because you don’t want your visitors quickly exiting your pages and for the web benefits to go to other sites via your links.  If you’re not adding “no follow” and ”target blank” you are likely to be losing both traffic and search engine rankings to other websites through your links.  Links have to be carefully managed to attract visitors, not to direct visitors away from your site.

Your website domain, page and directory names are also important because they can be used to add authority to your webpage like this:   http://www.mark-jago.com/marks-income-times-ten-review/

The above link contains a number of valuable category keywords that will attract search engines to your webpage content.

Here we have a combination of factors working together. Firstly by dominating my “Mark Jago” search engine category with attractive content and traffic.  Then with the content reviewing an online product that has its own existing web authority and has a public blogging presence.  Also with the category “review” that is something which search engines are always looking for.

Notice however that I don’t have many comments for this blog.   Unless you already have a successful blog site with masses of daily visitors it takes time for blogs to attract visitors.   That’s why it’s important to submit links to forums and social networking sites.

If you have a Google Dashboard account, then you will be able notice that multiple backlinks are listed for the blogs links that you have submitted to open forums and social media websites like facebook and Twitter.

Simple Back link Observations:


Not all backlinks are equal. In the past I have discouraged automated comments by adding a captcha to my blogging sites. This is a mistake because any comments that are received are an indication that your content is being found on the web.

You can always send “unhelpful” comments to your spam folder.  Any backlinks that you get through an automated process are better than having none.  Also these will attract more valuable higher quality links and over time the lesser quality link comments can be discarded.

Formal requests for backlinks are time consuming to add but here again these can lead higher quality backlink opportunities. Backlink pages are typically used for these agreements my http://www.in2clicks.com website currently has around 200 links added through website link agreements.

The webmasters for these sites are primarily interested in seeing that your site links page is indexed in search engine listings.  However, it’s a widely viewed misconception that non indexed links are of no value.

Most link ranking sites use the link:www.mark-jago.com “link” syntax command to find indexed links with various search engines to assign their website presence rankings.  This is a misinterpretation of the backlink facts.

Using this hypothesis my http://www.mark-jago.com  has zero Google search engine indexed links when in fact Google is listing over 500 backlinks in their webmaster pages. Since Google is the most dominant web authority in this area it’s safe to assume that most other assumptions are incorrect.



The best complement that I get from website visitors is when they say that they have enjoyed reading my blog content but don’t quite know how they managed to find my website?

This tells me that increasingly the larger search engines are becoming a less prominent factor in directing traffic to websites. Gone are the days when only a few search engines existed.

Websites are now more commonly found by browsing through interesting content in forums, on social networking sites and blogging sites. These are the areas that Google is finding my backlinks and it makes sense then that these links are not indexed in the search engine listings.

There is much more to links and backlinks than can be provided in a user friendly informative blog.  Regular visitors to my blog will notice that I continue to add banners. These are part of a process to have higher ranking backlinks of this site.  The latest is Amazon, after all sales and marketing is a core category of this website.

As usual the devil is in the detail. I’m aware that many visitors dislike having to read too much text because of feedback requesting that I provide more pictures and video within my blogs.

I must apologies to my existing subscribers because of a local problem my resources page up until yesterday has been inaccessible to them. This has now been corrected.

Because of the number new subscribers that are currently being added on a daily basis look to see more valuable insider information being added on a more regular basis.

There is additional information on how to create higher value backlinks within my subscriber resource page.

I hope this information is useful to you and that you see why I call this blog Mark’s Webpage Links, A Three Dimensional View.


Update: I have been working on some new  internal  SEO research. This blog has been updated to test my new findings. My subscribers will shortly have access through my private resource page to some additional vary valuable information based on my new findings.

Sept09 2012: Checkout my new Mark’s 2012 WordPress SEO Update post for new details on Panda, Penguin related updates that affect website links and backlinks for organic traffic optimization.

Best wishes,







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