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Mark’s Income Times Ten Review | Jamie Lewis

Mark’s Income Times Ten Review | Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis has just released Income Times Ten an online affiliate income generation software solution and you may be asking is this ground breaking software?

Why spend $47 for it, let’s take a look…

Jamie is well known for “over delivering” on his courses and products.

This product at $47 also includes an additional up-sell on the backside with over 200 hours of his past webinars, his “business in a box” and access to his upcoming live webinars.

The up-sell add on product is not needed to succeed but provides truly valuable access to information from one of today’s most successful online sales affiliates.

What is Income Times Ten?

Income Times Ten is a user friendly automated income engine software tool designed by Jamie to help you to earn affiliate profits on a consistent basis and doesn’t rely on PPC advertising or any other convoluted process to bring interested buyers to your affiliate campaign.

Income Times Ten

Jamie Lewis has shown that his software works demonstrating sales in one case of around $500 within the first hour of the start of a campaign. His students have also had success with the software although Jamie doesn’t guarantee similar results in all cases.

He provides a no questions asked 60 day immediate money back guarantee if subscribers are unsatisfied with their results. This allows plenty of time try out the product and get a full refund.

He readily admits that his reputation is on the line however his popularity as a trainer and his product sales successes speak for themselves!

It’s recommended that you take the time to view Jamie’s video before using the software tool.  Where you will find that Jamie demonstrates the “how to” and passion behind this product.


Income Times Ten


The income engine is very simple to use requiring three question areas to be answered by clicking on multiple choice tick boxes.

The questions are as follows:

            1. – Select experiences that you have had.
            2. – What are you good at?
            3. – What would you buy yourself?

Then click continue.

The income engine then provides a list of clickbank product niche affiliate links and links to blogs, forums and YouTube channels where you can attract visitors to your niche by adding comments.

You write comments about things that you are interested in, have a passion about and are able to create a connection with others that attracts them to view your products.

These selected sites are valuable resource sites known to be able to produce interested buyer traffic. Sales are made by creating relationships, trust and building valuable subscriber lists.

Inside the Income Times Ten Members Area:

There is a selection of 40 niche’s to choose from and Income Times Ten Webinars.

Income Times Ten Conclusions:

If you’re like me you get emails arriving every day with seemingly fool proof methods for making money on the web. As a result only a very few of them get looked at and only a small portion of those get careful assessment.

Jamie Lewes’s income engine has made “the cut” and my conclusions are as follows:

Jamie doesn’t guarantee this tool will work for you. He provides opportunities for you to be successful in market niches and using methods that clearly work for him and many of his students.

The key to success is attracting visitors who are motivated buyers. This is an opportunity to see if you have what it takes to succeed. There can be no excuses that the “product doesn’t” work, success boils down to the passion and effort that you put into connecting with others.

 Income Times Ten

Jamie stands by his product and is available to provide the support you need to succeed.

$47 dollars works out to a day’s worth of PPC advertising which for a “newbie” advertiser may or may not bring one or at most two sales.

The part that is missing from all the products and training that I have reviewed to date is an easy method of attracting motivated clients who are willing to purchase online products from affiliate marketers.

Posting comments on forums and YouTube doesn’t automatically built subscribers and client lists.

This is the new Jamie Lewis product. Checkout the video…

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