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Replacing Bowers & Wilkins DM2a Subwoofer Drivers

Posted by on Nov 8, 2014 in Featured |

Why bother to repair your 40 year old Bowers &Wilkins DM2a speakers? Because they can still be a very good alternative to paying a lot of cash for a new pair floor standing speakers.

Personally I prefer the wider DM2a cabinets with appropriate stands and the black speaker grills that blend in nicely with my 50 inch Samsung plasma TV.

Purchasing a used B&W replacement isn’t the best solution because the open circuit issue is likely a common problem. This is not a case of over powering the driver more likely related to flux not being fully removed from the coil wire solder connections to the stranded wire going to the terminals having over time it has degraded the connection



An Easy Intel i5 Computer Build How to – 2013 Part 1

Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 in Featured |

It’s never been easier to build a computer if you’re able to follow a few simple instructions and unlike other household kits with a computer you get choose the kit parts that like the best.

Buying a desktop PC from a box store is rather like choosing a TV channel package. You end up with a lot of stuff that you don’t want or need and compromising on the things that you really do want to have.

Many times this can include unnecessary extended warranties and setup service charges.

The most significant part of the process of building your own PC is in understanding what you want and why you need it?

When “you” build a computer the money is spent on the best quality components that your budget will allow.  Choose the right parts for your computer and it will continue to meet your needs for many years.

This ends up over time being the more enjoyable less costly option.


Completing An Easy Intel i5 Home Computer Build

Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 in Featured |

With today’s easy access to fordable, high quality reliable components there are very good reasons to build your own computer

Home computers are here to stay and will not be superseded by hand held devices which are limited client side devices dependent on third party infrastructure, resources and security.

Home computers can be anything you want them to be. They can be used as web servers or media servers, or for hobbies like developing games, phone Apps or for video production.

Most importantly they can be used for the management and safe keeping of your personal and business information and activities.

There has never been a better time  to be able manage your own affairs behind your own firewalls and within your own archiving storage system.

This a practical how to build a computer part 2 post which covers the build and install process providing additional information that fills in the gaps  with information not readily found in the component  installation instructions.     

InMotion VPS Hosting First Impressions

Posted by on Jan 6, 2013 in Featured |

Why pay for an upmarket virtual private server website hosting plan when hosting can be found elsewhere at minimal cost? provides a highly rated very attractive VPS hosting plan with two static IP addresses, 512MB/1GB burstable RAM, 750GB/Bandwidth per month and a cPanel back office at a competitive monthly cost. Because VPS also provides fast page load times, secure hosting not shared with other sites that can cause issues and is highly reliable.

Like most new website owners it took me a while to appreciate the value of a more expensive hosting plan.

I moved to last year after my previous provider exited the business. My shared hosting experience was less than satisfactory, details about this will be appended to the end of this post. is currently advertising their shared hosting plans for business owners on TV.

Mark’s 2012 WordPress SEO Update

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Featured |

If you’re not reviewing your WordPress SEO on a regular basis then it’s likely that your site is being negatively affected by Google Panda and Penguin updates and by outdated SEO practices.

There are three main areas that I would advise you to check out. Your websites Google search indexed content, backlinks and keyword density.

Duplicate indexed content, low quality backlinks, broken links and keyword stuffing can negatively affect your websites page rank commonly referred to as PR.

PR is very important because it now directly affects the quantity of high quality organic search traffic going to your site.