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CB Surge – Clickbank Analytics Affiliate Plugin

If you plan to or are already promoting clickbank marketplace affiliate products then CB Surge is an valuable clickbank analytics plugin which should not be overlooked.

A critical component to becoming successful marketing products is the ability to select the best products to promote.

The clickbank marketplace provides only basic information like gravity which indicates the number of affiliates making at least one sale over the past eight week period.

This leaves a lot of the research work for affiliates to do if they are to be part of the top ten percent of affiliates that actually make any money online.

The CB Surge provides affiliates access to a comprehensive analytics database which is continually being updated and provides graphs with historic sales and ranking information.


CB Surge plugin features include:

  • The current top 10 products by gravity
  • The top movers by gravity over the past 24 hours
  • The top shakers, the products with the largest decrease in gravity over the past 24 hours
  • A marketable, non-marketable analytic feature that ranks by Google keyword competition.
  • On page information like Alex ranking, details on opt in forms, exit pop-ups and on page videos
  • The graphical information includes gravity, rank, % referred, initial $/sale, average $/sale, average %/sale and commission %

CB Surge

Click on this link to go to the website and watch a short video.

I personally use CB Surge on a daily basis. A free version can be downloaded and installed simply by going to the CB Surge website and entering your name and email address.

Read my CB Surge – Free Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tools blog for additional details and screen shots.

Whats in your marketing tools back pocket?

Buy CB Surge here on sale by clicking the banner below and downloading the PRO version.