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WordPress Theme | Practical Website Design

WordPress Theme | Practical Website Design

WordPress Themes have become the website design publishing platform of choice for many new website owners. WordPress website designs are like “ready made suites”, they can be quickly modified to fit most requirements.

Originally catering for bloggers WordPress themes have evolved as a practical choice for small businesses wishing to build a rewarding professional looking online presence on a limited budget.

The advantages of WordPress themes are that they are very easy to install with many free, or low cost themes to choose from and provide easy access for owners to update content.

Attractive low cost example WordPress website design themes for a selection of market niches can be found on this website at Mark’s WordPress Themes.

Website Theme Design from Practical Experience:

How to do a website?

In practical terms no website ownership comes without a cost. Unless you are a website coding expert it’s simply not practical to design a new website from scratch.

There is a culture today that technology should be free.

However nothing is free and there are always hidden costs have to be paid.  In most cases free turns out to be added costs for fix up, loss of performance, loss of opportunity and wasted time and effort.

Alternatively a small upfront investment provides an opportunity for a rewarding return on the initial investment.

WordPress Theme Website Requirements:


Expect to pay between $7 and $25 per month WordPress website hosting. Entry level WordPress hosting services tend to have bandwidth, memory and database storage limitations.

More expensive hosting sites often include more user friendly back office access additional tools and stats, unlimited bandwidth, disc storage and memory.  Slow web page load rates and website outages is often the outcome from selecting poor quality hosting.

WordPress Theme Website Design Choices:


There are many free WordPress Themes available. However a lot of these are outdated designs and don’t include many of the user friendly features that visitors now expect to find.

WordPress Plugins are a valuable resource for additional features and search engine optimization, Plugins cannot always make up for legacy WordPress theme deficiencies.

Attractive professional looking sites are now an entry level prerequisite for online marketing sites. These sites comply with a common format and features that attract returning visitors, subscribers and new sales prospects.

Low cost theme subscriptions provide access to up to date WordPress designs. These themes usually include additional user friendly features and content not included with free themes.

Theme subscription WordPress sites also tend look more professional, are easier to customize with designs that allow owners to create a more individual personal branding.

Because WordPress sites have become so popular the common “yet another WordPress Site” header text with a look alike free theme is not an attractive marketing feature.



WordPress designs provide inexpensive access to highly professional website designs and leading edge social networking, marketing technology plugin features.

Online success is today defined by quality branding, efficient access and ease of use.  Because website ownership has become easily affordable websites that are designed to differentiate themselves and stand out will be more successful.


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