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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Blog, List Building |

Mark’s Viral URL List Builder, Link Shortener Review

Mark’s Viral URL List Builder, Link Shortener Review

If like me you have finally started working on making money online and like many others have decided to start with the affiliate programs.

You have heard also that it’s not that hard to make good money as an affiliate marketer, provided you choose the right programs and do some strategic planning.

And now you’re beginning to make a little money on line, either by promoting your own or other people’s products.

Whichever is the case the last thing you need is to leave money on the table and invite others to steal your share of the profits.

The affiliate industry marketing is pretty competitive, however if you are cautious and are strategic in your marketing techniques then you can find it to be very profitable.

You have also realized by now that not everyone who gets into affiliate marketing is successful. Therefore those of us who are doing well leave no room for failure, we ensure that we take all security measures and understand the importance for doing so.

It’s not talked about much but security is one of the key factors in affiliate marketing. If you’re not already adopting the proper security measures, then your business is likely to be at high risk.

One of the most important ways to maintain your security is to protect your affiliate links  Don’t take them for granted, a bit of carelessness on your part with respect to affiliate links can cost you a lot of dollars.

Did you know that the long complicated links that you send to your prospective customers not only look convoluted they can also create a lot of problems! If you send these affiliate links to your customers the smart ones can easily figure out that you are promoting someone else’s product and decide that they would rather visit the parent company.


Resolve Your Link Shortener Problems:


If your link doesn’t work then your clients would have to type a really long URL into their browser, which will definitely put him or her off.

You could be a victim of even a worse situation if some devious Internet pirates were to steal your affiliate links and replace them with theirs. In this case you would get no commission at all.

It’s not my intention to scare you off I’m just wanted to let you know that on the internet this can actually happen. I have had number of similar problems myself and that’s why I’m now using ViralURL.


If you’re not getting the desired results with your affiliate marketing don’t despair because Viral URL could be the solution that you are looking for.

I can hear you saying how can this help me?

ViralURL is a link shortener and cloaker that you can rely on. If you have used other link shortener’s you likely already know that these services can suddenly decide that your link is spam and block perfectly legitimate ethical links.

Who do these services think they are? I’m not going to go on about them because you know how the system works…

The real bummer is that you can be wondering why there are no clicks on your links only to find days or possibly months later that your links have been compromised.

Well, this Viral URL puts an end to all that hassle and the great thing is that it also provides way more than any other link service out there.

How about a free WordPress Plugin that automatically adds your shortened hyperlinks to your selected category keywords and link pages!


And that’s for starter’s…

  • ViralURL helps you protect your commissions
  • ViralURL helps you build an mailing list
  • ViralURL helps you track your link statistics
  • ViralURL helps you earn additional Ad credits


OK, by now you can definitely tell that I’m hooked on this product. I Checked out their website and with 50K plus monthly visitors it seems many others are too.

Check ViralURL out for yourself.


Viral Url List Builder Conclusions:


This is not like other ordinary link shortener it also offers features, list building and advertizing opportunities.

The basic feature version of ViralURL with the WordPress Plugin is free. It also includes access to a number of other free Viral products including hosting.
Check it out, I have a feeling this on going to stay free for long!