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Three Different Ways of Starting a blog

Three Different Ways of Starting a blog

There are many reasons for starting a blog. Blogs are becoming more popular today for business websites because they are a way of connecting with prospective clients and maintaining customer relationships.

Blogs are also a powerful way of building a brand, celebrity, internet presence and authority.

Taking the time to decide on longer term objectives before starting a blog will increase the chances for success.

Hobby Blogging:


The easiest way for someone who has no previous experience writing a blog to get started is to register with Google Blogger or Hub Pages for a free blog membership.

Membership allows you to publish your blogs on their sites and they provide new bloggers with information on how to get started.

Also if you are interested in learning about ways to make money with your blogs this is a good place to start.

There need not be a long term commitment or cost involved with these blog site memberships.

The disadvantage to being a member of a blogging membership site is that it limits your ownership of your personal brand and internet real-estate.

Personal Branding and Small Business Blog sites:


Owning a blog site requires up front planning and brings with it site hosting management overhead, some investment and an ongoing commitment to regularly publish good quality blog posts.

Being prepared to publish regular blog posts that attract more blog visitors translates into more site traffic and higher search engine rankings.  This in turn builds an internet presence, with authority and branding which can ultimately be translated into online significant earnings.

To do this requires a domain name, hosting site, publishing framework and blog theme template.

WordPress is one of the most popular open source free internet blog publishing frameworks with many free or inexpensive niche themes to choose from.

It has a famous well documented five minute install process and provides a user friendly blog management back office.

A hosting site, domain name and a small amount of technical knowledge is necessary to get started.

If you have an idea for a blog that includes a site/brand name the first thing to do is to check if the name is available for a .com domain and other social media sites using


Having a domain name which is the main category keyword for your niche or brand is an advantage for gaining search engine ranking and brand recognition.

You can get an idea for the competition and available visitor traffic for your name by doing a Google search for the name.  If a large number of results are listed with many Google ads then it will be a high competition niche that will be difficult for a newbie blogger to become established. Typically under appreciated niches are the best areas for newbie bloggers.

Having become established and successful in these niches makes it easier to become successful in higher competition categories.

Domain names start at around $12 per year, good quality hosting costs typically around $12 per month.

godaddy hosting review

Free hosting services can be found by providers like However, it’s a good investment to select a high quality hosting company that will provide a reliable service, fast blog page refresh rates and other useful features like a user friendly back office, free website tools/content and online support.

The advantage of using a WordPress blog is that it includes a lot of free plugin applications. 

The framework makes is easy to keep blogs fresh with new features or by installing a new theme. 

It’s also fairly easy to change hosting companies without taking the site services offline.

See my  blog for details.

Once your blog site becomes established readers of your blog posts will want to become subscribers and to also be able to submit their blogs to your site.

WordPress has plugin features for registering and managing subscribers. Success bring with it other opportunities like upgrading to a membership site which is possible with a WordPress membership plingin. 

While this is not something generally considered when starting a blog having an understanding about membership sites is useful if your objectives are to maximize your blogs earnings potential.

In this case it may be worth using a blog site framework that is better suited with more powerful user friendly features for managing blogger memberships.

Owning a Blogging Membership Site:


If your goal is to monetize you’re blogging by offering blogger memberships, there are free and affordable CMS frameworks which include high quality themes with powerful user friendly membership features.

These CMS frameworks include built in subscription and add to cart sales features.

Consider that personally committing to write high value/quality blogs on a weekly basis is a major undertaking.

A membership site is a way of automating this with guest posts while attracting additional site visitors and a broader clientele.

Joomla is an award-winning open source CMS framework which is supported by many hosting sites that support WordPress.

membership sites

Free and affordable professional theme templates can be downloaded from many web sources.

The back office framework is very powerful with a different back office user interface to WordPress and it’s for this reason that I have included it within this starting a blog article.

If you have ambitious goals a CMS framework like Joomla provides powerful automated application features that reduce the work necessary to more quickly succeed.

View this blog for additional information about CMS membership site frameworks.


For casual blogging registering with a blogging membership site is a good option.  There are many membership sites to choose from as more bloggers decide to open their blogs to membership users.

WordPress was originally a blog publishing framework and is now being used more often by small business to promote products and services on line with relevant blog post updates. This may be the best option where the objective is to feed blogging traffic into a cash funnel products site.

A CMS blogging site while taking a little more work initially to set up is configured with powerful tools to automate and monetize your blog.

Additional useful information on starting a blog can be found within this site with live examples of WordPress Themes in the products pages at:

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