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Online Advertising and Directory of Ezines Review

Online Advertising and Directory of Ezines Review

When People think of ezine online advertising they think of free ezine advertising. However investing in a higher quality online ezines campaign can be very profitable.

The measure of success for a small online marketing business can be considered to be the sales generated through their online advertising campaign.

Measured by the advertising costs (time, effort and cash) invested as a percentage of the sales generated by the advertising.

This can only be achieved by having a clear understanding of the product market niche, having a desirable product and access to a captive audience that’s looking to buy the product.

We have all heard many rags to riches successful online product sales stories, unfortunately these always seem to miss out on the real information about what goes into becoming successful?

Monthly Google search for free advertising is around 673,000 global searches. The culture of trying to find free advertising unless you are “an advertising expert” can be a major roadblock to success.

Free online advertising can be very profitable for knowledgeable advertisers. This knowledge can be acquired with the right training however takes time to implement a successful campaign.  Article marketing and blog marketing are good examples of this.


Online Advertising Overview:


Online advertising can generate brand awareness, create an internet presence and sell a product.  Depending on what the advertising priority is, different advertising approaches are necessary.

Common to all advertising is having an understanding of the market demographics and creating an advertisement that produces results.

Tip: Quantcast is a valuable free market demographics resource

As mentioned in a previous blog “How to Get Started with Google Adwords and PPC Advertising” PPC can be cost effective for generating an online presence and brand awareness.

Some online marketers continue to be able to make money using PPC to sell products. However, this advertising generally proves to be expensive to get going to create a profitable ongoing campaign.

Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter links

Understand that the average viewer of an advertisement can look at an advertisement up to seven times before deciding to buy a product.  Therefore adverts should be placed where similar products are being advertised or with a sustained campaign in a specific location.

Understand  that if you advertise using Microsoft adCenter that they move your search engine adverts around to different geographical locations and therefore unless you have a significant campaign presence you are unlikely to cover your costs with an adCenter campaign.

All campaigns need to be market tested, copy tested and fine tuned. It can take time and significant expense to fine tune a PPC campaign to the point that it generates a return on the initial investment.

Online advertising using ezines has a significant advantage over many other forms of advertising in that it can be inexpensive and provides a captive market of interested motivated buyers for different market niches.

Tip: Check vendor affiliate information resources for hot advertising keywords.


Online Advertising with ezines:


Ezines are online magazines and these can be found through online magazine searches.

Tip: Yahoo has an ezine directory.

Not all ezines are the same, and as with other advertising markets, some ezine advertizing can be expensive and some can be cheap or even free.

The key is to choose high quality ezines, they cost more however a smaller ad to a higher quality ezine will proved better results than a larger ad placed in a lower quality ezine with a larger subscriber list.

Solo ads are very popular with marketers because these are single email ads that can include up to 700 words and can include html graphics that ezenes send out to their subscriber lists.

These are very motivated subscribers who are looking for the same product that you are offering.

Classified ads and top sponsor ads are a little less expensive and can also be very effective. Ezines are published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Ads can produce sales within hours or a day or so of sending the copy text to the publisher.

It takes time to do research to find the best ezines and establish a relationship with ezine publishers. A short cut to doing this is to find an ezine advertizing coop, or ezine advertising training that will help you with the process of selecting the right ezines and how to go about the process of creating successful ezine ads.


The Directory of Ezines:


The Directory of Ezines was the first ezine directory to be created, has been around for 13 years and is considered to be one of the foremost ezine directories on the internet. Run by Charlie Page the current directory is in the process of moving to a new format. 

Lifetime memberships are still available for $197 US however this will likely be changed to a monthly subscription.


What a Directory of Ezines Membership provides:


For full disclosure I have recently become a  member of the DOE. I looked at becoming a member nine months ago but decided to try ezine marketing by doing my own research.

It didn’t work out well for me. I found some cheap ezine clasifieds and paid for advertizing that did nothing but send me a lot of spam. I now wish that I had invested in the membership earlier because the wasted time has cost me lost time and sales opportunities.

Now I have:

•    Access to a multi category directory list of pre-approved high quality Ezines

Charlie’s directory cuts out the upfront work with the research work provided and a built in relationship for members to take advantage of.  In some cases membership discounts are available where for example two ads can be placed of the cost of one. In many cases Charlie has personally advertised in these ezines.

•    Access to free training and personal one on one consulting.

Charlie is a well known online marketing authority with a lifetime of experience in the business of marketing and creating successful advertising copy text.

He is a matter of fact person who is easy to understand and an open truthful directory of the business of online marketing. His webinars and online training material are guaranteed to open new opportunities for newbie and experienced online marketers alike.

At a time when there is so much hype and dubious online material  being marketed, Charlie is “an oasis” delivering the genuine goods.

The difference between success and failure in the online marketing business can amount to missing out on a few parts of the process puzzle.

A key to becoming successful is to find the right people to help you to be successful. If you’re in the market for some high quality assistance from a highly successful online marketer without having the associated hype and being given the run around.

The directory of ezines and Charlie Pages expertise is a bargain. For additional valuable information about online advertizing with ezines make sure to register and subscribe to my updates and inside resources information.

Also click on the right column banner for a free copy of Charlie Page’s Ezine Traffic Formula eBook.  This Free eBook is only going to be on this site for a short period so get it while its still available. 

Click on this link to go to the directory of ezines.

Directory of Ezines