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How do I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?

How do I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?

Doctor proscribed treatments combined with an appropriate diet and exercise lifestyle regime can help suffers of Hypothyroidism to lose weight.

Dieting alone is not a solution that will work because hypothyroidism is associated with hormonal problems and a lower than normal metabolism. 

Because of this it can be difficult or practically impossible to burn off fat and lose weight with a diet and exercise alone.

Weight problems related to health issues can affect all of us at one time or other. Instances of diabetic and thyroid health problems are quite common in families. This is not only a medical issue it’s also a family issue where family support is needed.  Today the internet can help to educate people about this problem and also to provide ongoing information and support.


How do I lose weight with hypothyroidism?


By creating a healthy lifestyle with an appropriate diet and exercise plan that works well with doctor prescribed  treatments.

How can food help to lose weight?


A healthy diet plan is a balanced diet consisting of normal food to help lose weight combined with good hydration, avoiding supplements and excessive portions of any single food types.

Taking in smaller portions with up to 5 meals at regular intervals during the day allowing the body to more easily absorb the calories.

Limiting the amount of starches particularly pasta and unhealthy fats. Also by avoiding high glycemic foods and convenience foods containing large amounts salt.

Eating a balanced diet which includes five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables consisting of low-fat protein and complex carbohydrates provides the core requirements for maintaining a healthy weight.

Meals consisting of fresh fish and white low fat meats that are readily available at most supermarkets and are very beneficial for a healthy diet.


How does drinking water help you lose weight?


Drinking water helps you lose weight because it aids the digestion and liver functions that improve the body’s ability to work more efficiently to manage food calorie intake.

Often dehydration is mistaken for hunger.  Hydration helps reduce food intake, improves the complexion and helps to enhance a general feeling of well being


Weight Loss with Exercise:


A moderate amount of physical exercise on a regular basis improves body functions and is proven to help increase life span.

Exercise is most beneficial first thing in the morning after a restful night’s sleep and before consuming breakfast.  Exercise is more beneficial before meal times and in early morning because the body is at its most efficient after a good night’s sleep. Exercising directly after a meal is less likely to burn up body fat.

A short brisk walk first thing in the morning and short periods of exercise throughout the day prior to meals is beneficial. Exercise should include cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises that help to improve the body’s metabolism.


Weight Loss with Lifestyle Changes:


Creating a healthy lifestyle helps to minimize any underlying health issues.  Managing diet, exercise and stress are key components for the creating a healthy lifestyle that will not only keep your weight at an optimum level, it will also improve the way you look and feel about yourself.

Health and happiness are the most important things in your lives. It’s extraordinary to think that a just few minor lifestyle changes can radically change how we feel.

Manage unhealthy stress with regular exercise and rest periods. A good night’s sleep of 8 hours consisting of high quality rest per night rejuvenates the body both mentally and physically.

High quality sleep burns calories and allows for the body’s natural repairing processes to work.

Keeping mentally stimulated with positive activities and outlook is also important.  Avoid excessive alcohol and irregular work and sleep hours that may lead to reoccurring health issues.

Focus on minimizing the unhealthy stress that leads to bad eating habits, loss of sleep and other problems.

Managing Weight Loss with a Busy Lifestyle:


Many people who successfully lose weight gain it back after a while. This because busy lifestyles lead to people falling back into bad habits.

Family shared meal times play a pivotal role in maintaining health and healthy family relationships. Good quality food is no more expensive than convenience foods and is not only healthier for you it’s also more enjoyable.

It ‘s important for families to share with the food preparation process.  I have cooked for my family 4 or 5 days per week for over forty years and my wife who works usually cooks at the weekends.  I buy fresh food most day’s on my way home, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes each day and often this food is also used for the next days lunches.

We have created a selection of meals that we can choose from taking into account  our daughters food likes and dislikes.  My daughter has introduced us to new foods and also cooks.

Cooking is creative process, it’s relaxing at the end of a busy day to be able to unwind while enjoying a glass of wine with the TV on in the background.

Our kitchen is a comfortable place where we can meet as a family after a busy day. I have a meal prepared ready for when my wife arrives home.  The days events are discussed during dinner along with the following day’s activities and meal idea’s.

It’s satisfying to see a meal that you have prepared being enjoyed and I try to have left overs available for the next days brown bag lunch.

Meals are prepared to go with family activities and themes.  For example hockey night TV is pizza night   and is a simple enjoyable way to consume the daily requirement of vegetables.

Variety and moderate self indulgence are the secrets to keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining long term weight management.

Ongoing support is necessary to provide simple solutions,  to help you to achieve your goals and to help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I use the following resources for weight loss for a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It’s necessary to take action all the time to keep things fresh and to be able to enjoy life.  Luckily today there is a lot of free information available on the internet.
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