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7 search advertising program

7 search advertising program

If like me you have found Google, Facebook and Microsoft adCenter search engine pay per click advertising complicated and expensive.  The 7 search advertising program is an alternative solution worth checking out.

Recently I found out about from Ewen Chia, #1 international bestselling author and internet marketer.  At first glance cheaper PPC advertising campaigns are easier to get started and can cost as little as $0.01 per click.

Does Cheap Pay Per Click Advertising work?

Can a smaller pay per click advertiser produce the same results, or with PPC advertising is bigger better?

A way to gauge success or failure is with the number of product sales generated from a campaign, the costs per click and the number of clicks per sale.

The more expensive the cost per click the higher the sales conversion rates need to be if your priority is achieving a profit on your advertising investment.

Can a low cost PPC provider be an inexpensive way to evaluating product conversion rates? provides 2 URL entry fields that make it easy to quickly test a product with a simple text ad sending prospects to the vendors landing page using a hop path that’s not displayed in the advert. provides more headline and body text space to enable advertisers to more easily create a compelling text advert.

The keyword selection process is also very easy to use. However the selection of available keywords is smaller, with fewer estimated monthly clicks available.


Initial Pay Per Click Advertising conclusions:


My initial conclusions are that does provide a quick and easy way to test out new advertising campaigns.

I found it easy to create text adverts that resulted in large numbers of hop counts for 4 campaigns generating a total of 1434 clicks for under $100us over a five day period.

The down side was that I didn’t get any sales conversions. It should be noted that not all the advertising was focused gaining sales conversions.

One of the campaigns generated 200 hops directly to a well known popular Clickbank product landing page which should have resulted in order from submissions, and did not.

This was rather disappointing since I have had sales conversions for similar products using Microsoft adCenter PPC.

Additional analysis and testing is necessary to figure out why there were no sales.

However for my investment of $100us significant website traffic and more than 125,000 impressions were generated.

My conclusion is that overall is worth at least checking out because it is an inexpensive way to generate website traffic and to test the effectiveness of your text adverts for generating clicks.


7 Search Summary:


Learning how to create sales using PPC advertising can be a fairly complex, time consuming and expensive process.

PPC is used by many successful marketers to boost sales previously proven products.  These products are usually marketed to their subscriber list before a PPC campaign is created.

As previously mentioned PPC can be a cost effective way generating high value traffic into a blog marketing funnel. Sales conversion’s through this process being based on building a relationship with your subscribers, creating a brand, authority and trust that has subscribers buying your products and services.

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